Music by Wave2

Nature and the human touch play a big part in the music I create, often unquantised and always imperfect.


A gradual increase in loudness, or the moment when a noise or piece of music is at its loudest.
Released on
Electronic Ambient

Boogie Dot Dot Dot

A funky track that is bound to get your foot tapping!
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An ambient track that aims to capture a colourful pause, shrouded inside the passage of time.
Released on
Electronic Ambient Calm

Summer Solstice

With the sun shining brightly and the birds chirping merrily, let this track transport you to a place of joy and happiness.
Released on
Electronic Folk

Major Tom's Odyssey Dreams

An ambient track portraying Major Tom’s gradual disappearance into the vastness of space.
Released on
Electronic Ambient Sad Mysterious
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