AWS Certified Security - Specialty

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Tipped to be the most sought-after certification of 2017, the AWS certified Security Specialist beta exam oversubscribed faster than pre-orders for the Nintendo Switch, leaving latecomers like myself with a long wait for the final product.

As luck would have it the beta exam failed to meet the strict standards that AWS demand, and I was spared a month of hard study, and 6 months of anticipation prior to being told the exam was back on the drawing board.

So when I stumbled across the announcement of the new beta last month, I hit the registration button and was surprised to not only secure a time slot but also one so close to home, and on a Sunday too, how convenient!

My study consisted of a warm-up week where I spent the commute reading the Mastering AWS Security book. From there I moved onto the whitepapers and developer docs before commencing the many free digital training courses that AWS offers. I also did a trial of the Linux Academy AWS Security Essentials course which although not aligned with the exam helped me brush up on the basics.

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